What they said 9/26/17

By Ed Henninger

During the past few years, I've used quotes about newspapers to lead off my weekly blog updates. Those of you who follow the blog will recognize some of these. Those of you who don't ... well, here's what some people say about who we are and what we do!


Taking a closer look at your design: Part 2 8/22/17

By Ed Henninger
Last month's column focused on design critiques: working at improving your design by taking a look at what you've recently done.

I suggested then that those critiques be done every quarter ... at least every six months.

In that column, I offered a laundry list of those elements that need to be reviewed during the critiques. This column focuses on how to conduct the critiques. How do they work? Who's in charge? MORE

CMG newspapers launch new education digital section 8/15/17

Cox Media Group is launching a new weekly digital ePaper section today that will be available to subscribers of CMG's seven daily newspapers. The Education Extra will provide readers with key insights and trends to stay informed on local and national school issues.


This time, privacy outweighs right to know 8/15/17

By Jim Pumarlo

Public records are the foundation for reporting a range of stories important to your readers.

Readers often ask why newspapers stand firm on access to and publication of these records. It's much like the proverbial "if you give an inch, they'll take a mile."


Everything your readers need to know about the solar eclipse 8/14/17

The GateHouse Media Center for News & Design is offering a ready-to-use paginated page that it says has everything your readers need and want to know about the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.


AP to name first preseason All-America football team, kick off 82nd year of Top 25 poll 8/1/17

The Associated Press All-America team, the longest-running annual honor roll of the nation's top college football players, will begin its 92nd year with its first preseason edition on Tuesday, Aug. 22. The preseason edition of the AP Top 25 football poll, entering its 82nd year, will be released a day earlier on Monday, Aug. 21.


More Content Now updates website, offers new subscription options 8/1/17

More Content Now has announced a redesign of its website, MoreContentNow.com, and more purchasing options than ever before.

Because GateHouse Media is a Strategic Partner of SNPA, all SNPA members receive an additional 15 percent discount on this offer.


Taking a closer look at your design: Part 1 7/17/17

By Ed Henninger

I suggest a design critique every quarter ... at least every six months. Go longer than that and you risk an erosion of your design style.


College football nears 6/27/17

GateHouse Media is offering conference-focused weekly preview pages to give your coverage and sales effort great support all season long.


In Jacksonville, a new business model for the local editorial voice 6/27/17

By Steve Gray, vice president of strategy and innovation, Morris Communications

Can a strong editorial voice become the center of a new local business model?

Yes, it can.

It's happening right now in Jacksonville, Fla., where Mark Nusbaum, publisher of The Florida Times-Union, has launched a new magazine with the mission of reviving the flagging downtown.

This is local advocacy journalism of a high order – an extension of The Times-Union's editorial page. And Mark and company have crafted a unique business model around it by recruiting 20 leaders of key institutions as premier partners/sponsors in support of the crusade.

Read this article for the details.