Star-Telegram changes print editions for new year 1/9/15

The following article by Jim Witt, editor of the Star-Telegram in Forth Worth, Texas, is reprinted with minor editing.
The Star-Telegram of Fort Worth, Texas, has redesigned its print edition, making it easier for readers to find their favorite features in the paper. The redesign includes increased local news, with the first two sections of the paper being combined Monday through Saturday. MORE

Poynter, Gannett join forces to create transformative training program 1/9/15

Robust, integrated program will help train journalists in the "Newsroom of the Future." MORE

'Creativity' and design 12/16/14

By Ed Henninger
More and more often, it seems, "creativity" is being used by people who don't understand what design is all about. They want to "stretch the envelope" and "think outside the box" without any concept of the shape, size and material of the envelope or box. MORE

Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas 12/16/14

For just $35, receive a 23-page PDF highlighting Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas shared by SNPA members. As a bonus, the last page of the report includes a link to a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation on this same topic at the 2014 News Industry Summit, led by SNPA President Charles Hill Morris and Steve Gray. MORE

Giving sources preview of story 12/2/14

By Jim Pumarlo
It's probably happened to every journalist as least once. You've just completed an interview, one that took an extra coaxing to land. As you're wrapping up, the subject asks, "Could I see a copy of the story before it goes to print?" MORE

AP ENPS brings new efficiencies to mobile newsgathering 11/18/14

A new version of AP ENPS Mobile includes powerful features to make mobile newsgathering more efficient, The Associated Press has announced. MORE

Things designers don’t want to hear 11/11/14

By Ed Henninger
"What do you mean we need a chart? Who's got the time to create a chart? It's just a budget story." MORE

Absolute design 10/18/14

By Ed Henninger
I believe in some design absolutes – call them laws, if you will. I'm convinced that a design that does not adhere to these absolutes is a design that is faulted. Put it this way: If I owned a newspaper, I'd be sure these 10 absolutes are followed. Always. No question. No sidestepping. Always. So, if you wanna work for me, here are the 10 design musts I'd expect you to learn and live with: MORE

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal adds My Team Scoop platform 9/23/14

The Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal, owned by Morris Communications, is now utilizing the My Team Scoop platform from Presteligence for its high school sports website, Fans receive score updates for area high school football teams in Lubbock and South Plains as well as news stories, schedules, photos and videos. MORE

Behind the curve 9/16/14

By Ed Henninger
Design should be compelling in those places where it's called for, but standing design elements such as page labels, section flags and headline fonts should be reserved, quiet. Too often, the curve gets in the way of good design practice. MORE
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