The Patterson Foundation, Herald-Tribune Media Group launch SPIRE CoLab 4/11/16

This partnership between journalism and philanthropy focuses on producing compelling media that inspire communities to take action on relevant social issues.


Ready to lowercase ‘internet’ and ‘web’ 4/11/16

By Lauren Easton, Manager, Media Relations, The Associated Press

During a panel at the recent American Copy Editors Society national conference in Portland, Ore., it was announced that the 2016 AP Stylebook will lowercase the words "internet" and "web."


The Miami Herald wins the 30th Annual Joseph L. Brechner FOI Award 4/8/16

The Miami Herald won the 30th Annual Joseph L. Brechner Freedom of Information Award for its groundbreaking investigative series, "Innocents Lost."

Two Herald reporters, Carol Marbin Miller and Audra D.S. Burch, investigated Florida's child welfare system by following the lives – and deaths – of children within the system.


Don’t just say you’re a digital newsroom. Here’s how the StarNews makes it real 4/4/16

By John Crouch, social media coordinator, GateHouse Media's Center for News & Design

The StarNews in Wilmington, N.C., has had a very successful 2016 so far. Not only was it named one of Editor & Publisher's 10 Newspapers That Do It Right, it also earned eight Excellence in Local News Coverage awards from the Local Media Association. We asked Executive Editor Pam Sander to share some of her newsroom's strategies for success.


3 social media branding tips for reporters 3/21/16

By Lizzie Jespersen, content initiatives coordinator, GateHouse Media

Here are three nuggets of social media wisdom from University of Texas senior lecturer and former social media editor Robert Quigley, who advocates for using social media first and foremost as a branding and engagement tool.


5 examples that show why repurposing print headlines to digital is a bad idea 3/14/16

By David Arkin, senior vice president of content & product development, GateHouse Media

All data points we look at today tell us that great digital headlines point to great engagement. Yes, great content also equals great engagement, but it all starts with getting the reader to click.

Unfortunately, too many news organizations haven't shifted enough to a digital workflow, especially when it comes to headline writing. Headlines are boring and very straightforward, and so many are clearly just ripped right from a print page.


Coverage tips for new reporters 3/11/16

By Randy Hines

It's always tough to get an assignment to cover a speech or meeting when you have little experience in that area. The following tips should prove helpful when asked to cover one of the dozens of lectures, seminars or local government gatherings across your circulation area regularly.


Having readers attend your budget meeting shouldn’t freak you out 3/7/16

By David Arkin, senior vice president of content & product development, GateHouse Media

At the Mega-Conference in Austin, I presented 10 things any newsroom can do to increase engagement. The most controversial idea for the audience? Inviting readers to attend your budget meeting and provide feedback on what goes on 1A. Read this article to learn how it all works!


Is your newspaper as connected to your community as you would like? 3/1/16

Everything GateHouse Media's Center for News & Design does is centered around the goal of creating more original content for its newspapers.

David Arkin, senior vice president of content and product development for GateHouse Media, shared 10 tips with attendees at the Key Executives Mega-Conference about ways they can successful boost community engagement.


3 ways to turn a breaking news event into record-setting page views 2/16/16

By Tim Schmitt, project manager, GateHouse

For news consumers, following a big breaking story can be an addiction of sorts. The thirst for new information can't seem to be quenched fast enough.

It's a similar feeling for those in newsrooms who are watching web numbers balloon as a breaking story plays out.

Such was the case at the Shawnee (Okla.) News-Star, located about an hour east of Oklahoma City, where a few big stories recently led to a record-setting web day. A four-county police car chase kicked off the festivities, but arrests, store closings, elections and sports also contributed to a new unique visitor spike of about 8 percent more than the site's previous record.

How did the News-Star capitalize on the glut of interesting stories? Managing Editor Kim Morava walks us through the day, offering tips about what helped those numbers spike. Read more from GateHouse Newsroom.