The Brand Center Process:

From ideas to execution

By Cindy Durham, assistant executive director, SNPA

The key to success for the future in newspapers is to embrace creative, educated, calculated changes before "the other guys" cannibalize our market share, Professor Kelly O'Keefe of Virginia Commonwealth University told publishers at SNPA's News Industry Summit.

O'Keefe has been a marketing innovator for more 20 years. Prior to becoming a professor and managing director of the VCU Brandcenter, he led O'Keefe Marketing, a pioneer in digital marketing and branding.

During the Tuesday morning General Session in Charlottesville, Va., O'Keefe talked about the power of creative thinking and shared four prototypes for reinvention of the Richmond Times-Dispatch that one of his graduating classes at VCU put together for Publisher Tom Silvestri.

In introducing O'Keefe, Silvestri said the students' work "really launched us into a deep reflection on what our brand is." The project examined what's burgeoning in the digital area and translated that onto print.

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