'Living Heroes' honored by Richmond Times-Dispatch 3/17/14

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   With Memorial Day just a few months away, other newspapers might find this Best Revenue Contest idea to be something that would work well in their markets, too. MORE

Keys to success for any direct mail effort 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Within two weeks, space on a direct mail business card sold by a daily paper in New York was sold out and advertisers were lining up to be part of the next one. Learn what made this a highly successful revenue program. MORE

Victoria readers sell their belongings through Bargains361 2/6/14

By Donnis Baggett (reprinted from Texas Press Messenger)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Bargains361 is like a consignment shop for readers who want to sell their items online but don't know how or have time. The newspaper handles the sale and earns a profit margin of about 35 percent. MORE

Fort Dodge school calendar generates $10,000 in revenue 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Here are some good tips for creating a local calendar for your school district. MORE

Church directories generate 100% new revenue 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   This simple, but effective idea, generated $12,000 in income for a daily newspaper in Virginia. And, it helped the paper further relationships with local pastors. MORE

Convert your football preview to a bundled 12-week campaign 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Here’s how to turn that annual High School Football Preview into a 12-week campaign that gives advertisers great exposure, and will double or triple your revenue with just a single sales call! MORE

Blueberry Festival Magazine 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   The StarNews of Wilmington, N.C., earned $27,000 in revenue with the 10th anniversary Blueberry Festival Magazine. Learn what was key to the success. MORE

Hybrid Advertising (online and print) 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A one-week hybrid sales blitz (print + online ads) greatly exceeded this small 7,000-circulation paper's sales goals, bringing in revenue of more than $100,000. MORE

Cause-marketing sections earn goodwill and $85,000 in Richmond 12/5/13

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Second-place honors in SNPA's Best Revenue Contest go to The Times-Dispatch in Richmond for its cause-marketing sections, which are generating goodwill in the community and added revenue for the paper. The success of the paper's program is largely due to the relationships the staff has built with decision-makers at organizations throughout the community. MORE

Booking Blotter App places first in Best Revenue Contest 12/31/69

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   A mobile app listing people who have recently been booked into the Palm Beach County Jail has earned The Palm Beach Post first-place honors in SNPA's Best Revenue Contest. The app is sponsored by a local car dealer that wanted the paper to help it increase traffic to its website. Since the app was launched in July, the Booking Blotter App has increased website traffic on the Earl Stewart Toyota website by 25 percent. And, the paper has generated revenue of $60,000 through this annual sponsorship. MORE

Local hospital sponsors pink bags for breast cancer awareness

Local hospital draws awareness to breast cancer with pink newspaper bags. More

10 Commandments of local news coverage

Bill Ketter, vice president/news for CNHI, offers these tips for improving local news coverage. More

What works for McDonald's, works for classifieds, too

Stealing the value meal concept from McDonald's and the "Have it your way" slogan from Burger King, Creative Circle created some winning house ads for several of its classified redesign clients that saved time in the call center and increased upsell sales at the same time. More
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