Participate FREE in 2015 Mileage Survey 1/16/15

Compare your newspaper's mileage reimbursement allowances with that of other newspapers – through the no-cost SNPA Mileage Survey. MORE

Why one size doesn't fit all 1/13/15

By Matt Lindsay, president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)
Publishing has become a tough business. Gone are the days of relatively easy profits and high margins. Advertising revenue no longer covers all the overhead expense and subsidizes the cost of subscriptions, so readers pay a fraction of the cost to produce and deliver the product. The Internet and new digital distribution channels have forever changed the economics of the publishing business and the relative balance of advertising versus audience revenue. What are the implications for revenue growth and the profit maximizing pricing strategy under this new paradigm? MORE

New Year's Resolution: Be a leader, not a manager 1/5/15

By Jane Nicholes
In shrunken newsrooms buffeted by rapidly changing missions, technology and job descriptions, it's easy for managers to worry first and foremost about keeping their own heads above water. But losing sight of the needs and goals of employees makes them less productive than they could be, says corporate trainer and coach Jules Ciotta. MORE

Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas 12/16/14

For just $35, receive a 23-page PDF highlighting Top Revenue and Audience-Growth Ideas shared by SNPA members. As a bonus, the last page of the report includes a link to a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation on this same topic at the 2014 News Industry Summit, led by SNPA President Charles Hill Morris and Steve Gray. MORE

Let's build a playground 11/25/14

By Jules Ciotta
Developing an effectively operating organization is like building a playground. Everyone involved needs to rally around the idea, have a purpose members can commit themselves to, and work to bring a lot of diverse people together to make it all happen. MORE

Improving mindset 11/4/14

By Jules Ciotta
There are six factors that most influence how others perceive our quality and the quality of our service. MORE

Build self-esteem 10/21/14

By Jules Ciotta
Self-esteem is an important element of success, and as a leader, you play a crucial role in helping build and nurture it in your employees. Here are some ideas for increasing your workers' self-esteem: MORE

Publisher Confidence Survey 9/23/14

Once again, Cribb, Greene & Associates is surveying newspaper owners and executives to see how they feel about the future of the industry and other key topics. The survey is short and only takes a few minutes to complete. SNPA encourages all publishers and owners to share their thoughts. MORE

Practical solutions to industry challenges 9/16/14

During Day 1 of the Carmage Walls Leadership Forum, which opened yesterday in Galveston, Texas, 22 publishers and key executives shared practical advice for meeting today's industry challenges.

Topics on Monday included developing new print circulation, digital development, best approaches to competition, personnel (finding, recruiting, training and managing) and managing your staff (dealing with strife, reviews, reprimands and terminations). On Tuesday, the agenda will focus on content, niches and how the world sees us (and what to do about it).

Future eBulletins will examine some of the ideas that came out of this meeting, beginning with a look at how one company evaluates editorial excellence produced by its newsrooms.

Special thanks to Dolph Tillotson, president of Southern Newspapers, Inc., for moderating the Forum.


Patrick Birmingham named to SNPA Board of Directors 8/19/14

Patrick Birmingham, president and publisher of the Knoxville News Sentinel, has been named to the SNPA Board of Directors to represent Tennessee newspapers. MORE
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