Raise prices where and when you can 3/24/15

By Matt Lindsay, president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

Publishers, particularly of newspapers, face an advertising market that is changing daily. Programmatic buying and selling of advertising inventory is adding new sales channels that require new business practices and analytics. Similarly, changing advertising practices are placing more emphasis on targeting and audience metrics. This article introduces the pricing strategies and tactics that publishers can use to maximize the revenue they receive for their advertising inventory.


The best foundation for your acquisition, retention and distribution model 3/9/15

By Bob Terzotis and Jack Curran, Mather Economics

Financial success in the newspaper industry is determined in many ways by the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer acquisition, retention and distribution strategies. This article looks at performance metrics used by industry executives who track and monitor in these areas.


Evaluating your expense model: Potentially a big win for your bottom line 2/24/15

By Bob Terzotis, vice president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

For most executives, keeping up with the rapidly changing publishing business has required them to "up their game" and rethink their approach to managing revenues. To compensate for shrinking print advertising revenues, publishers are placing greater emphasis on digital revenues, finding ways to effectively move print advertisers to digital advertising and counting on circulation revenue to play a much larger role in the total revenue picture. Often, newspaper executives focus only on their expense line during budget season or when revenue isn't meeting expectations. However, strategic operational expense adjustments are necessary to maintain profitability and warrant the same level of focus as revenue – especially for departments that require a significant portion of your operating budget.


The State of Media Sales: Initial findings released 2/24/15

By Cindy Durham, assistant executive director, SNPA

Sixty-six percent of media sales managers and executive managers surveyed for the 6th annual State of Media Sales survey did not make their goals in 2014, C. Lee Smith said Monday at the Key Executives Mega-Conference in Atlanta. Smith, president and CEO of Sales Development Services and publisher of Media Sales Today, which conducts the annual survey, announced the first 10 survey findings at the Mega-Conference.


Ethical thinking 2/17/15

By Jules Ciotta

In economically slow times, organizations need to be careful not to compromise integrity and values. It is easier to accept taking a loss than ethical routes when there can be gain. Most often there is loss in the long term. Most decisions have ethical implications. The right thing to do oftentimes isn't completely clear.


Capturing the right print and digital data 2/10/15

By Matt Lindsay and Arvid Tchivzhel, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

The move to digital news publishing has resulted in endless amounts of data and, thus, significant opportunities to analyze that data to drive revenue, tailor content, remain competitive and more strategically appeal to advertisers – to name but a few. However, many publishers are unsure which data to capture for insights that will actually make a difference when applied to the business.


Strategic planning 2/3/15

By Jules Ciotta

One of the challenges with strategic planning sessions is that once the vision, goals and objectives have been identified, the good thinking that created them often stops.


Activation fees: What newspapers can learn from the services industry 1/27/15

By Chris Christian, vice president, Mather Economics (special to the SNPA eBulletin)

If your newspaper is not charging activation fees for new subscription accounts, you could be missing out on a significant potential revenue source. Activation fees are commonplace in the service industry and, in recent years, also have been getting the attention of newspapers.


April 17 is deadline to participate FREE in SNPA Salary Survey 3/31/15

SNPA members are encouraged to participate – at no cost – in the 2015 SNPA Salary Survey.

The questionnaire, which is available as an Excel spreadsheet, includes just those positions that had the most data recorded in the past few years.

Designed for daily newspapers, this simplified spreadsheet will make it easy for newspapers to take part with a minimum amount of time on the part of their staffs.


It's not too late to participate in the Mileage Survey 3/3/15

Compare your newspaper's mileage reimbursement allowances with that of other newspapers – through the SNPA Mileage Survey.

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