If you typically don't attend the SNPA News Industry Summit, here are great reasons why you should 7/7/14

Oct. 6-8 at The Boar's Head Inn, Charlottesville, Va. If you haven't attended the SNPA News Industry Summit, this is the year to reconsider. There is even a discounted rate of $350 for first-time attendees. The News Industry Summit offers an extraordinary opportunity to solve problems, hear ideas that will help you grow your business, and meet new people who share your thoughts and interests – in a congenial setting that is unique to SNPA. MORE

2014 Mobile and Social Solutions Conference presentations 6/30/14

Download available PowerPoints from the 2014 Mobile and Social Solutions Conference. MORE

Creativity and innovation at SNPA's News Industry Summit 6/23/14

The 2014 SNPA News Industry Summit will feel like a new experience. The location is new, and SNPA President Tom Silvestri has crafted an agenda with more time for networking, mind-expanding programming, a visit to Monticello ... and not a single speaker that you have seen at other industry events. The first speaker, in fact, is a symphony conductor. The agenda includes an expanded town-hall idea-exchange, a major advertiser, a university president, an expert on branding, insights from the NEX-GEN program, a fast-moving segment on growing revenue and audience, R&D partners with new products and services, and much more. "If you're in need of a jolt in leadership inspiration, a comfortable getaway in the mountains to recharge your energy, a timeout to refresh your thinking for the last quarter of 2014, and a fun opportunity to catch up with friends or make new acquaintances that could be game-changing, I welcome you to come to Mr. Jefferson's hometown," said SNPA President Tom Silvestri. "Get out of your routine and book the time to spend in Charlottesville so you can renew your drive to excellence with the organization that's always had the publisher's best interest and well-being at heart. I guarantee your presence will be well worth it." Registration for the meeting begins this week, and discounted registration continues until Aug. 15. There's even a special discount for first-time attendees! The News Industry Summit will be held Oct. 6-8 at The Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville, Va. MORE

Carmage Walls Leadership Forum 3/12/14

This program provides publishers of SNPA's small newspapers a venue to explore the issues most important to them and to mine the industry's best minds for practical solutions. The agenda will be set entirely by those who attend, through a questionnaire that attendees will be asked to complete in advance of the meeting. Apply by Aug. 11 to take part. MORE

BIA/Kelsey execs offer actionable ideas for sales transformation 2/27/14

By Cindy Durham, SNPA
A new BIA/Kelsey forecast predicts that digital revenue at newspapers will grow 13 percent by 2017 and that print advertising will drop by 22 percent. In the same period, mobile local ad spending will grow from $1.4 billion to $10.8 billion. MORE
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