Publishers' Roundtable: For Virginia Publishers 8/25/15

Moderated by Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, this roundtable discussion will address topics from management and circulation to generating advertising sales revenue. No cost, but advance registration is required.


GateHouse to share strategies for customizing the news for readers 8/24/15

GateHouse Media is using analytics to understand its readers' needs and to publish news that consumers want to read.

David Arkin, senior vice president of content and product development for GateHouse Media, will share his company's digital transformation strategy at SNPA's News Industry Summit, Oct. 5-7 in Savannah, Ga.

"Being able to use data to direct coverage and decision making helps us connect with readers in a way we never could," Arkin says. "We can provide them more of what they want and less of what they don't. It allows us to customize the news for them."

GateHouse Media has rolled out new analytical tools to guide what reporters cover. The digital transformation project has helped reporters make better decisions on what will drive the most audience. Find out how GateHouse picked an analytics tool, rolled it out to company papers and is using this technology to change its coverage and newsroom culture.

Arkin oversees GateHouse Media's print and digital content strategies, as well as the company's digital development and online product strategy. In 2014, he launched the Center for News & Design in Austin, Texas, which provides editing and design services for more than 175 GateHouse newspapers. He has served as executive director of the News & Interactive Division for GateHouse where he launched the company's national news service, developed its digital content strategy and led its newsroom training programs. Prior to that, Arkin served as executive editor for newspapers in New York, Alabama, California and Texas.

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Legal updates at SNPA Summit will help publishers stay out of hot water 8/17/15

Two top attorneys at SNPA's News Industry Summit will help SNPA members stay on top of the many legal regulations that have changed and at further changes that are looming. In addition to advice about quickie elections, gender identity and recent employment rulings, publishers will receive "preventative legal medicine" from The Zinser Law Firm to help them protect independent contractor status.

L. Michael Zinser, president of The Zinser Law Firm, Nashville, Tenn., will focus on "Independent Contractor Issues and Related Agency Investigations and Litigation."

He will address the National Labor Relations Board's war on independent contractors; the U.S. Department of Labor's new Guidance Memo attacking independent contractor status under the Federal Wage and Hour Law; and the U.S. Department of Labor's new proposed rule to increase salary thresholds, making it harder for employees to be exempt from overtime.

Hagood Tighe, a partner with Fisher & Phillips in Columbia, S.C., will be discussing "Quickie Elections, Gender Identity and Other Recent Rulings that Impact Employers."

"Over the last year, we have seen significant changes in labor and employment laws," Tighe said. "Unfortunately, most are not helpful for employers. And it looks like more changes are coming. This session will help attendees ensure they are staying on top of the latest developments – from gender identity to quickie elections, and more!"


Global expansion of the American dream in the emerging markets 8/17/15

At the Oct. 5-7 News Industry Summit in Savannah, political analyst Dr. Carlos G. Rizowy will examine change and continuity in a transformed world; the globalizing economy; the conflicts of demographics, migration, urbanization and ethnic shifts; the growing potential for consensus and conflict; and power sharing and challenges. After this presentation, you will see the world from a different perspective.

Dr. Rizowy will drill down from a whole world view to further practical understanding for our business and personal futures. He said his goal is to help conference attendees "understand realities behind the news, even if most journalists don't – and make sense of their reported facts and trends, even if they don't." He noted that he will focus on trends that "affect us and our children."

He will present a very comprehensive penetrating, dynamic, programmatic, and realpolitik analysis of trends. SNPA members will benefit from Dr. Rizowy's ability to provide creative insight and his facility for seeing the grand design amidst a welter of details, enabling him to synthesize the mounting data into an understandable analysis that inspires his audiences.


2016 Carmage Walls Leadership Forum set for Jan. 31-Feb. 2 8/6/15

The 2016 Carmage Walls Leadership Forum will be held Jan. 31-Feb. 2 at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, N.C.

The program is designed for executives from newspapers with circulations of 25,000 or less. The agenda and discussions will provide publishers and other key executives from SNPA's small newspapers a venue to explore the issues most important to them and to mine the industry's best minds for practical solutions.


Who will survive the future? 8/4/15

The past century is marked by intermittent media disruptions, and each time a few "disrupted" companies morphed into bigger companies. At the Oct. 5-7 News Industry Summit in Savannah, media analyst Gordon Borrell will walk through the fascinating story of a half-dozen media companies – well-known today – that not only survived, but also thrived from the disruption.

All of these companies exhibited a distinct pattern that can be applied to today's disrupted newspaper environment. Borrell's presentation will include key predictions from Borrell Associates' remarkably accurate "Delphi Panel," painting a media landscape that is likely to excite those who plan to succeed, and scare those who won't.

"Significant shifts in consumer and advertiser habits are giving us a clear picture of what local media will look like just a few years from now," Borrell says. "It's so different than what we've known that it'll probably give some publishers the heebie-jeebies. But viewed through the scope of media history, you'll realize that what's happening has happened before, that an entirely new set of opportunities is opening up that newspaper publishers – at least some of them – are highly likely to seize as their own. I'm planning to show those opportunities, and to describe what the successful media company of the future is likely to look like."


Savannah conference confronts critical challenges for the newspaper industry and proposes solutions 7/21/15

The program for the 2015 SNPA News Industry Summit is customized for newspaper executives who believe it is important to evaluate challenges to their businesses so they can incorporate successful strategies that are emerging at newspapers in the United States and around the world.

The deadline to register at the lowest conference rates is fast approaching. Between now and Aug. 14, the early registration fee is $595. The special rate for first-time attendees is $395.

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A cultural taste of Cuba 7/7/15

SNPA is offering an exceptional opportunity to its members to visit Cuba for a five-night, six-day experience next April.

This guided adventure will include intriguing excursions, informative discussions, and personal contacts with a variety of Cubans – university professors, musicians, artists, teachers, students and everyday people. We will explore Havana's timeless streets, visit its famous landmarks, venture into the countryside, savor local cuisine and talk with Cubans about their way of life.


SNPA News Industry Summit tackles issues important to newspapers 6/16/15

The 2015 SNPA News Industry Summit in Savannah is organized around critical issues for newspaper executives: mobile strategy, transforming the newspaper business model, the needs of local retailers, innovation strategies, new revenue opportunities and best practices from newspapers around the world.

The News Industry Summit will be held Oct. 5-7 at the Charles Morris Center at Trustees Garden. Guests will stay at The Brice Hotel, adjacent to the Morris Center.


Post-Conference visit to Hunter Army Airfield Base 6/16/15

A tour of Hunter Army Airfield Base is planned for Wednesday, Oct. 7, from 1-6 p.m. Participants will leave understanding why Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield are critical national strategic assets, and how U.S. soldiers are the best trained and well equipped in the world. Advance registration is required.

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