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Registration opens Wednesday for 2018 Mega-Conference 9/5/17

Registration will begin tomorrow morning, Sept. 6, for the 2018 Key Executives Mega-Conference.


Marketing the Strength of our Brand 8/29/17

Opening session: Sunday, Sept. 10
SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colo.

The addition of two members of the SNPA leadership to the opening session of next month's SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting gives SNPA members one more reason to be in Colorado Springs next month.

Chris Reen, president and publisher of The Oklahoma Media Company, and Tom Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch, will join Bob Provost and Joy Mayer for the opening session.

They will be discussing how a brand at work drives success through consumer preference, revenue streams and brand extensions. You'll go home with strategies your staff can employ to build trust, based on case studies of dozens of newspapers.

Registration for exhibit space, sponsorships at Mega-Conference opens Sept. 6 8/22/17

Registration for sponsorships and exhibit space at the 2018 Key Executives Mega-Conference will open to all companies on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

The Mega-Conference is the only major newspaper industry conference of 2018. It is set for Feb. 26-28 in San Diego, Calif., at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Advance information is being provided now for budgeting purposes. DOWNLOAD the Sponsor/Exhibitor Brochure MORE

What newspapers must do to keep public notices 8/22/17

Breakout session: Monday, Sept. 11
SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colo.

With Eric Barnes, publisher & CEO, The Daily News Publishing Company, and Brad Thompson, president & CEO, Detroit Legal News Company

The threat to public notices has never been more dire. During this Monday afternoon breakout session at the SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, learn about the current state of public notices and the practices that every paper must embrace to help the industry successfully respond to the siege on this traditional pillar of government transparency. MORE

When Digital Disruption Comes to Town: How Small-Market Newspapers are Thriving 8/22/17

Featured session: Monday, Sept. 11 SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colo.
With Damian Radcliffe, Chambers Chair in Journalism, University of Oregon
How are small market newspapers responding to the challenges of digital disruption? Showcasing success stories - and drawing on the challenges, opportunities - for local newspapers in the digital age, this session will highlight findings from new and unpublished research, produced for the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University and the Agora Journalism Center in Portland. MORE

Taking the measure of benchmarking 8/15/17

Featured session: Tuesday, Sept. 12

SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting, Colorado Springs, Colo.

With Dolph Tillotson, president, Southern Newspapers, Inc., Galveston, Texas; PJ Browning, president, Newspaper Division, Evening Post Publishing, Charleston, S.C.; and Doug Phares, president & COO, Sandusky Newspaper Group, Sandusky, Ohio

This Tuesday morning session during next month's SNPA - Inland Annual Meeting will feature a discussion of the ways publishers use numerical benchmarking to track progress, or the lack of it.

What's the proper ratio of salaries to revenue? How do publishers track the impact of programmatic changes on rates and revenue? What is the proper ratio of ads to news content, and how have recent business shifts changed the picture?

These three panelists, who are very knowledgeable of practices in benchmarking, will discuss the tools of this trade, and much more.

For his part, Dolph Tillotson of Southern Newspapers, says he intends to share thoughts on financial benchmarking that he learned from several masters of the art – Jim Boone and Carmage Walls. He said, "I'll discuss the benchmarking we use in Southern Newspapers, Inc., for our print products, how we use them, and several notes from friends who also do regular benchmarking and take a slightly different slant."


Why you need to be in Colorado Springs September 10-12 8/14/17

You know that this is the first ever joint Annual Meeting between SNPA and Inland. That makes this an historic opportunity to meet new colleagues and hear new ideas. However, that's just one of the compelling reasons this is a must-attend meeting.

Here are nine more reasons!


Going the Digital Agency Route: Two solutions, two success stories 8/8/17

One-size-fits-all is no more true in digital services agency business models than in any other industry revenue initiative. This session at the SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting looks at two approaches to digital agencies: the single-location, high-end and local fulfillment service model represented by The Oklahoman's BigWing, and the multi-location, SMB-focused, local fulfillment service model that WEHCO Digital Media's Flypaper is pursuing.

No matter the approach, this session will tackle the questions most on publishers' minds: How are the agencies structured and built – and are they profitable?


Print First: Strategies that are growing print volumes 8/8/17

During next month's SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting, Aaron Kotarek will discuss how the Honolulu Star-Advertiser has bucked the national trend over the past five years to grow overall print volumes through a diversified product portfolio approach using print centric strategies and tactics.

For those who still believe in the future of print, this is a must-attend session.