Mega-Conference opens next Monday: #2019MegaConf 2/19/19

Nearly 700 industry executives will gather in Las Vegas next week for a wide-ranging program that features two Monday morning bonus sessions, six general session programs, 18 breakout sessions and a series of roundtable discussion groups.


P2P video conference to focus on growing classified revenue 2/18/19

Classified Ideas: Auto, Real Estate, Employment, Private Party

SNPA will kick off the 2019 P2P (Publisher-to-Publisher) Idea Exchange Program with a free video conference on growing classified revenue on Thursday, March 21, at 2 p.m. (EDT).

Last year more than 150 newspaper executives participated in the P2P program exchanging proven revenue-generating ideas worth more than $1 million.

The P2P programs are free for SNPA members, but participants must sign up in advance and share an idea. To participate in the March 21 call, participants are asked to share an example of a successful classified revenue program.

Click here to learn how you can take part FREE, plus see the topics for the next three video conferences.


Mission One: Revenue 2/14/19

SNPA, Inland Press Association and The Blinder Group are bringing Mission One: Revenue 2019 to Richmond, Va., June 11 through 13 with a program that takes a comprehensive look at all the revenue opportunities available to newspapers.


Niche audience monetization:
Successful magazine models deconstructed

Audience is the name of the game. And, cultivating niche audiences in your local community is a money-making proposition. On Tuesday afternoon at the Mega-Conference, our panelists will be talking about successful models for drawing new, big revenue commitments for local, regional and even national advertisers.

Charity Huff, managing partner of Maroon Ventures and moderator for this session, said: "Cultivating niche audiences in your local community is a money-making proposition. Join this session to learn how publishers are finding success with new titles, new audiences, and – most importantly – incremental revenue."

Panelists joining Huff are:
  • Matt Coen, partner and board member, St. Louis Magazine. Coen also is president and co-founder of Second Street.
  • Max Freund, managing editor of digital, The Journal, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Danny Pacheco, sales representative, Publication Printers.

Drive revenue with sales models that deliver 2/7/19

Mega, rockstar sales leaders from across the country will share their revenue-driving strategies and tactics at the Mega-Conference in Las Vegas, Feb. 25-27.

Sales models of the past are no longer applicable in today's world of pure-plays, digital dominance and a shift beyond consultative selling.


Innovation Award finalists to share success stories, lessons learned 2/5/19

The finalists for the Mega-Innovation Award have been announced. Read this story to see which companies placed in the top three. The winner will be announced Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Mega-Conference.


Leveraging a customer data platform to drive subscriber growth & diversify revenue 2/1/19

Customer data is the foundation for strategically planning, executing and optimizing audience growth and revenue diversification efforts. Unifying, analyzing and deploying all available customer intelligence to optimize a customer journey that is perfectly engineered for each individual – transporting that consumer efficiently from awareness to paid customer status – is essential to financial viability.

At the Mega-Conference, hear how GateHouse Media's investment in customer data is not only supporting digital subscription growth, but is impacting revenue diversification initiatives across the enterprise. Learn how The Dallas Morning News is leveraging marketing automation to fund and enrich digital transformation efforts by extending the print runway.


How technology can transform your customer experience 1/31/19

To be successful in today's digital landscape, publishers must prioritize the customer experience and pursue a strategy that reduces friction and builds engagement and loyalty among their readers.

The Washington Post is the industry standard for this approach, adopting a relentless focus on the customer and becoming one of the most read news brands in the world. On Wednesday morning at the Mega-Conference, hear about this evolution from Scot Gillespie, the newspaper's chief technology officer, as we delve into the in-house technology that powers it.


How local consumers discover local businesses: A conversation with Yext 1/30/19

For 20 years, business websites have been the cornerstone of a local, digital, presence. But, now we are in the midst of a major shift.

During a Monday afternoon breakout session at the Mega-Conference, Brooke Henderson, senior director of strategic partnerships for Yext, will lead a conversation focused on how voice, mobile and artificial intelligence are changing the way potential customers discover local businesses.


Betting the future on newsroom transformation 1/29/19

Find out how your newsroom can adopt a "mini-publisher" perspective to drive audience growth and profitability with editors participating in the Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, aka the "Table Stakes" project.

During a Monday general session at the Mega-Conference, learn how two newsrooms are expanding their scope beyond content creation to include financial success and brand quality and digital subscription growth.