acquires Adpay, Inc. 5/19/16 LLC, the largest provider of family history and personal DNA testing, announced that its subsidiary has entered into a definitive agreement and plan of merger to acquire Adpay, Inc., creators and operators of the obituary input network.


Community content publishing service helps reporters save time 5/16/16

GateHouse Media's Center for News and Design is providing other newspaper companies with its unique Community Content publishing service, which helps free a reporter's time to focus on important local stories.

GateHouse Media, which is a Strategic Partnership provider with SNPA, is offering this service at a 15 percent discount to SNPA members.


A first-person look

By Kenneth Boone, chairman, Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc.

Suzanne, our blond, bubbly and very able American tour guide, met us in the lobby of the NH Capri hotel and announced the "bad news." Our tour bus had broken down and she arranged for taxies to take us to dinner.

Not really a tragic announcement anywhere in the world, but not good news either.

Except in Havana, Cuba, where it turned out to be a highlight of our visit.

Lined up on both sides of the street were 17 vintage 1950s American convertibles, tops down, awaiting 41 American travelers on a 75-degree breezy evening. Buicks and Oldsmobiles and Fords and Pontiacs, all painted bright colors like lime green, sky blue, crimson and white, and the most iconic of all, Pepto Bismal pink.

Read this article, view photos and see a video.


Gavel-to-gavel video of the political conventions is available at SNPA discount rates 5/3/16

The Republican and Democratic conventions will attract a lot of reader interest this year – and SNPA has arranged a special deal with FedNet that gives its members access to complete video coverage with a 15 percent discount.

Live video coverage includes all proceedings from the main speaker platform in the convention halls. Every speech will be available through a Livestream HTML player plug-in for integration and rebroadcast from your website, mobile applications and apps. This multi-camera HD broadcast feed translates into an easy viewing experience for your online visitors, without the need to incur the high costs of attending and covering the Presidential Conventions.

FedNet – which provides digital video and production services to news organizations from The Washington Post to broadcast networks like Time Warner – is also offering separate access to an exclusive library of speeches as the convention proceeds, readymade for editors to easily integrate into your political coverage.

If your paper is sending a correspondent to Cleveland or Philadelphia, FedNet can provide Skybox Suite positions that overlook the floors at both venues. This opportunity presents an unparalleled way to maximize your investment to cover these historic conventions.

To use these services, you must sign up by June 1.


Sun wins Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing 4/19/16

When Monday's Pulitzer Prize winners were announced, the small market Sun newspapers emerged from the giants to capture a first place for Editorial Writing.

The Sun newspapers, which cover Charlotte and Sarasota counties, beat out the New York Times, Boston Globe and other industry leaders for Editorial Writing in its coverage of the state prison system and the aftermath of guards killing inmate Matthew Walker at the Charlotte Correctional Institution south of Punta Gorda.

This column, written by David Dunn-Rankin, president of Sun Coast Media Group, honors both the newspaper's staff and the mission that his father set for the papers.


AP wins Pulitzer Prize for 'Seafood from Slaves' investigation 4/19/16

The Associated Press won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service based on its international investigation of the fishing industry in Southeast Asia that freed more than 2,000 slaves and traced the seafood they caught to supermarkets and pet food providers across the U.S.


Tampa Bay Times and Sarasota Herald-Tribune win Pulitzer Prizes 4/19/16

The Tampa Bay Times and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for the series "Insane, Invisible, In Danger." a reporting partnership between the two papers.

In addition, the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting was awarded to Michael LaForgia, Cara Fitzpatrick and Lisa Gartner of the Tampa Bay Times for their work in exposing how Pinellas County school leaders withheld promised funding and support from five predominantly black schools creating "Failure Factories," the title of the series that was published in 2015.


New partnership with GateHouse Media offers ready-to-use content for SNPA member newspapers 4/12/16

A new strategic partnership with GateHouse Media offers SNPA member newspapers access to quality editorial and content services – at a 15 percent discount.

The GateHouse Center for New & Design creates original content, including special sections, theme and feature pages, info-graphics, cartoons and illustrations. The Center's Community Content division offers efficient re-writes of user-submitted content, including press releases, letters to the editor and calendar event listings.


SNPA Board approves new members 2/25/16

During its meeting Monday at the Mega-Conference, the SNPA Board of Directors approved two new members. In addition, four companies have become trial members of SNPA through a special three-month offer given to Mega-Conference exhibitors.


Break-through innovation happens when you target non-consumers 2/25/16

By Cindy Durham, SNPA assistant executive director

Break-through innovation tends to happen when industries focus on non-consumers, the judge for the inaugural Mega-Innovation Award told publishers during the closing session of the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

Contest judge Michael Maness, innovator-in-residence at Harvard Business School, said: "If you focus on people who aren't using anything that you do and build a solution for them, that tends to be a solution that gets adopted by other people. So, you want to be focused on segments in your communities where there's no heavy consumption."