News Industry Summit
(annual convention)
Oct. 5-7, Charles Morris Center and The Brice Hotel, Savannah, Ga.

The first SNPA News Industry Summit in Savannah is still nearly three months away – but your chance to register at the lowest rate ends on Aug. 14. Between now and Aug. 14, the early registration fee is $595.  The special rate for first-time attendees is $395.

The News Industry Summit will be held Oct. 5-7 at the Charles H. Morris Center at Trustees Gardens.

The program offers an executive-level perspective of challenges facing the newspaper industry and how successful companies are re-imagining their businesses and processes to serve a changing audience.  

Top speakers – from inside and outside the newspaper industry – will talk about how innovators will survive the disruption of the Internet, how to lead change and create a culture of innovation, strategies that are finding traction at newspapers in the U.S. and around the world, new business models and the changing ways that readers get news.

The program also features 16 companies that are exhibiting their newest and most innovative products and services – all designed to streamline operations, generate revenue or open doors to new business opportunities. 

Post-Conference visit to Hunter Army Airfield Base
For those who can extend their stay in Savannah, SNPA has planned a five-hour tour, briefing and hands-on experience at Hunter Army Airfield Base on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 7.  

Participants will have lunch with soldiers on the base, hear a briefing on U.S. engagement throughout the world, see an impressive array of aircraft and test their skills in flight and engagement simulators. Details here.

For more information, call SNPA at (404) 256-0444, check this site frequently ( and read the weekly SNPA eBulletin for up-to-date program descriptions and details.

The Charles Morris Center in Savannah, Ga., is adjacent to The Brice Hotel. (Photo: James Byous)

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