Get people excited about shopping and everybody wins


Getting people in a community excited about retail events is challenging, especially with big box stores that dominate the retail landscape. 

An annual Pajama Night at a local mall, filled primarily with local businesses, is the chance for small retailers to band together to bring people out. Pajamas allow shoppers to stroll comfortably, retailers advertise their evening specials and promotions in the newspaper, and the shopping experience is complemented by an annual craft fare.

You can imagine a lot of variants on this theme: costume shopping, themes surrounding the release of a movie or a famous local event, etc. The goal is to generate new buzz and sales for retailers and that means more ad dollars for you. That would make anyone feel snuggly!

It worked for the Kitimat (B.C.) Northern Sentinel in Canada and seems to be an idea that can be easily transported, even across international borders!

Additional information:  Publisher Louisa Genzale via email

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