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Presteligence Releases My Team Scoop Game Tracker for Basketball

Screenshot of Game Tracker
Screenshot of Game Tracker
Posted by fedderdm

Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, announces the release of a Basketball version of My Team Scoop’s Game Tracker. Game Tracker allows media companies to relay a play by play account of high school basketball games in real time.

Just in time for the boys and girls season, Game Tracker displays real time scoring, fouls, time-outs, offensive and defensive rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, and turnovers. Fans can watch a game’s progress as it takes place on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The visually appealing court-like background conveys a professional-sport level experience at the local level. With related games just a click away, viewers can know what’s going on with rival teams too. Every quarter, fans receive a score update via text, email, or push notification.

My Team Scoop allows up to 10 people to report on a game. Reporters, community contributors, and even Junior Varsity players can keep stats on their smart phone while sitting in the stands. Responsibilities include the time clock, substitutions, scoring, defense and offense plays. The resulting stats for players and teams make it very easy for staff to write a story or game highlight.


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