New site, features coming to Paducah Sun online


The Paducah (Ky.) Sun will transition to a new website this week. The plan is to bring the new site online Wednesday morning.

Publisher Jim Paxton said the new platform is technologically much more capable and offers many modern features that the staff hopes to scale up over time.

He said the new web platform comes from The company already supports websites for most of the more than 30 daily newspapers published by Paxton Media Group, LLC, parent company of The Paducah Sun.

He said, "The basics – a la carte news and the downloadable PDF edition – should be fully operational on day one. Over time we will scale up some of the other whistles and bells such as push notifications to mobile devices. We also will begin in months ahead to transition to more of a true 24-hour news cycle with updates to the site as articles are completed rather than a single midnight update of content as is the practice now."

He said, "We have not lost sight of the fact that the majority of our readers still like their news the old-fashioned way – in print, delivered to their homes and read at their leisure. But we also now have thousands of readers who receive our newspaper exclusively online. We are committed to serving both audiences to the best of our abilities. Our new website is a logical progression in that endeavor."

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