NEWSCYCLE Solutions releases SalesLink CRM tool


NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces the general release of SalesLink CRM, NEWSCYCLE'S browser-based tool that integrates advertising sales and customer relationship management functionality into a single, responsive application.

NEWSCYCLE's SalesLink CRM is designed to simplify ad sales workflows and help increase multichannel advertising revenue.

SalesLink CRM 2016-2
The new release gives sales representatives immediate, real-time access to contacts, accounts and product information. Customizable dashboards and reporting widgets provide access to advertising sales and customer data in user-friendly charts. The software also includes widget administration tools, an Access List option for data security, and intuitive search functionality.

"The new features in SalesLink CRM 2016-2 provide sales departments with tools to easily create multiple dashboards and widgets based on the data needed using any browser-based device," said Aubrey Medley, NEWSCYCLE's product manager for marketing solutions. "The mobility of SalesLink allows outside sales reps to quickly input and receive key information, giving them instant access to customer data and other details to explore new revenue opportunities."

SalesLink CRM 2016-2 key features include:

Dashboards and widgets
SalesLink dashboards and widgets are designed to provide sales teams with data by unifying multiple datasets from SalesLink's combined CRM and sales database into a single view. Users can create dashboards and customize reporting widgets to collect and analyze advertising sales and customer data in real time. Dashboards and widgets are accessible from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Widget administration
Administrators are equipped with tools to create and share unique widgets with customizable data views. Many styles of charts are supported including bar, multi-bar, pie, line and table charts. Widget names, labels and colors are also configurable, and widgets can be filtered by company, team or user.

Access list administration
For data protection, permissions can be set to control which users or groups are able to view individual widgets. Access Lists are included as a part of the widget creation process. 

Intuitive search
A smart search feature allows quick access to important information. As a user begins typing a search query, the system displays relevant search results. Users can also build advanced searches across multiple fields.   

Backward compatibility
SalesLink CRM 2016-2 includes backward compatibility for older versions of the NEWSCYCLE Advertising systems. Customers on core NEWSCYCLE Advertising 2016-1, 2015-1 and 2014-2 can take advantage of the CRM and dashboard components within SalesLink CRM 2016-2. 

Download the SalesLink datasheet



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