NEWSCYCLE Solutions increases SalesLink CRM capabilities


NEWSCYCLE Solutions has announced new features and functionality available in SalesLink CRM, NEWSCYCLE'S browser-based tool designed to simplify ad sales workflows, improve customer relationship management and help increase multichannel advertising revenue.

SalesLink CRM 2016-3 provides collaboration tools and customizable dashboards for sales representatives to have real-time access to customer data, including advertising sales histories and financial information. With integration to Google Maps and popular calendar programs like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, sales reps can directly access critical location and scheduling information.

"The latest SalesLink release focuses on sharing data easily between sales reps and colleagues, enabling them to be more efficient and effective," said Aubrey Medley, NEWCYCLE's product manager for marketing solutions. "The new dashboards contain deep analytical customer account information and allow immediate access to data for sales reps to review before calling on a customer. Using the system's Shared Activity tools, sales reps save valuable time and increase productivity by continuing to work with customers on-site while tasks associated with the account are completed back at the office." 

SalesLink CRM 2016-3 features and enhancements include:   

Shared Activity
To help sales teams with administrative tasks, sales reps can share access with colleagues to CRM activities like tasks, events and opportunities. Sharing information allows users to simplify workflows based on business needs. Collaborators can assign and complete tasks, create proposals, schedule events and perform other activities while the sales rep stays in the field. Managers can set permissions to keep sensitive data confidential.

Customer Dashboard
Sales reps can configure dashboards for an in-depth analysis of customer accounts. Account data, financial information and past advertising decisions are available for sales reps to work with advertisers and determine future advertising plans. 

Google and Google Maps Integration
Leads and customer accounts are created in SalesLink using Google, enabling users to perform a single search and receive all data in one selection. The mobility of SalesLink CRM combined with Google Maps enables sales reps to easily navigate and transfer addresses to the native map application in mobile devices to receive turn-by-turn drive-to instructions.

External Calendars
SalesLink CRM 2016-3 includes a comprehensive external calendar (Microsoft Exchange and Gmail) for sales reps to have individual schedules, including CRM activities, in one place.

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