Motivating and communicating

Effective supervision


Good leadership needs lots of skills to effectively deal with today's worker. Certainly enthusiasm, empathy, alacrity and humility are important characteristics of leaders who get the job done in a participatory manner.

The following provides some day-to-day traits needed to truly supervise effectively: 

  1. Be consistent: Treat all employees with the same system of leadership.
  2. Be attentive: Recognize employee problems before they're out of control.
  3. Be honest: Stick to the truth in assessing job performance.
  4. Be aware: Notice changes in performance.
  5. Be focused: Avoid judging personalities but rather performance.
  6. Be a recorder: Maintain a record of how an employee is doing.
  7. Be considerate: Provide the same communications interaction with your workers as you provide your management.
  8. Be confidential: Encourage employees to obtain assistance from resources available without your ego controlling the development.
  9. Be confidential: Discuss employee problems in private and maintain confidences.
  10. Be responsive: Keep an ongoing job improvement activity with employees to help them become all they can be.

Jules Ciotta is president of Motivation Communications Associates. He can be reached at (770) 457-4100 or



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