Time Saver: How Brainworks saved up to 450 man hours across 30 newspapers for Boone Newspapers


Boone Newspapers, Inc. owns and/or manages 82 newspapers along with websites, shopping guides and magazines in communities in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. 

Connie Knapp, audience development manager at Boone Newspapers, explained: "Since our launch a year ago, Brainworks Circsmart was able to save us up to 450 man hours across our 30 newspapers. The sudden onset of publications wanting to make immediate changes to delivery method and/or publication days, had us turning to Brainworks for a fast, customized work solution."

"Since that time, the custom development that the Brainworks development team provided us has been a huge help for Boone Newspapers to have this kind of programming/functionality in place.  This new development allows us to make on-demand changes as needed for the multiple sites."

"The Brainworks CircSmart team was receptive to hearing what we needed and worked quickly within our timeline to make it available for us to use immediately."  

Cindy Bates, director of circulation operations at Brainworks, shared: "It was our pleasure to work with the Boone site to bring their needs to a reality. We understand in this ever-changing industry the need to be able to change direction as efficiently and quickly as possible."

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