How can I demonstrate the power of online advertising? 7/2/13

By Allan Barmak, consultant and author of "The Accidental Salesperson"

Regardless of what a business' specific goals are, when they advertise on the Web they are looking for accountability. Your salespeople should be working with advertisers to optimize the metrics that are most important to each specific business.


Can I just grab photos from Facebook? 6/4/13

By Jay Bender, attorney, South Carolina Press Association

With the spectacular growth of everything Facebook (except its stock price) it is becoming a "go-to" site for photos of people in the news. It is not my role in life to say "don't do that" when it comes to publication decisions, but I do see some risks.


How can I persuade my team to act as mentors? 6/4/13

By Jules Ciotta, president, Motivation Communications Associates

Mentors help their protégés develop their careers, and they help their organizations develop new leaders. But mentors themselves benefit as well.


How do we reach non-subscribers? 6/4/13

By Steve Learn, owner, LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service

With the ability to add the electronic edition circulation to the regular print circulation, there is nothing standing in our way! However, we still must be innovative with our sales approach and we must develop new techniques to reach non-subscribers.


How do we prove our value to advertisers? 6/4/13

By Allan Barmak, consultant and author of "The Accidental Salesperson"

It's all about trust, helping your advertisers understand their audience, and helping them be successful.


What are the key ingredients in great ads? 3/5/13

By Jerry Bellune, owner, The Bellune Co., Inc.

Write and design direct response ads for your advertisers and get them to measure the results they get from your ads. Such ads have five key ingredients.


How many ads are too many ads on a web page? 1/8/13

By Bill Ostendorf, president and founder, Creative Circle Media Solutions

It's not just how many ads you have on a page that matters but also what sizes you use and whether you rotate them or not that count. There isn't a "right" answer here. Unfortunately, it depends on …

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