How do we reach non-subscribers?

Do you think that circulation growth is possible in most markets today?


Yes, I do. With the ability to add the electronic edition circulation to the regular print circulation, there is nothing standing in our way! However, we still must be innovative with our sales approach and we must develop new techniques to reach non-subscribers. We have to sell, sell hard and smart!  

We must also create an atmosphere that circulation growth is the lifeblood to our existence. To continue to decline in circulation and not devote resources to circulation growth is to speed up the day when we will no longer be a relevant news source or business! 

I am not saying circulation growth is easy, but produce it we must and can!

Steve Learn is the owner of LEARNing More Circulation Idea Service, a circulation trade publication that has been helping circulation professionals for more than 50 years. He most recently spent almost five years at the TimesDaily, in Florence, Ala., as the circulation director.  He can be contacted at (256) 757-6849 or


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