What are the key ingredients in great ads?

How can I kick up my sagging ad sales?


Write and design direct response ads for your advertisers and get them to measure the results they get from your ads. 

The five key ingredients to such ads:

1. An overline that directs the ad to the consumer they want to reach.
Example: A special message to mothers of school age children

2. A headline that makes an offer.
Example: Bring your child in for a painless flu shot

3. Copy that explains the benefits of your offer.
Example: You won't have to worry about your children catching the flu at school ... or bringing it home to make the rest of the family ill. Flu shots only $__ each.

4. Eye-catching photo or art work.
Example: Happy children laughing and/or playing.

5. A Call for Action
Example:  P.S. Inoculate your entire family to survive the flu season worry free. Bring or mention this ad in the Daily Bugle by Saturday at 4:45 p.m. for a 15 percent discount on three or more family shots.

Ask your advertisers to teach their people to ask all consumers of flu shots where they learned about the special 15 percent family offer.

Make sure your account executives emphasize the importance of tracking results. This gives you a perfect opening to ask your most loyal advertisers to give you a testimonial to run with a photo of them holding your newspaper at their place of business.

If you want to see one of the many testimonials we publish from our advertisers, drop me a note at JerryBellune@yahoo.com.  You can also reach me at (803) 331-6695 or through www.JerryBellune.biz.

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