What's your exit strategy? 3/24/15

By Lewis Floyd, senior associate, W.B. Grimes & Company

There are several steps publishers can take to potentially increase the value of their publication in a sale. Putting these into action over a 3-5 year period should set the stage for a smooth and rewarding transaction.


What are some healthy characteristics of newspaper boards? 1/27/15

By Gary Greene, reprinted from the Cribb, Greene Report

Cribb, Greene & Associates has advised a number of family media companies during these unsettled times. By slicing across all of the boards, what are some of the healthy characteristics that we have observed that are the most effective for family owned companies in today's transitioning media environment?


NIE question posted by North Carolina newspaper 1/26/15

An SNPA member newspaper wants to revive its NIE program and is looking for curriculum that will be helpful to North Carolina teachers.

What resources do teachers find most helpful?

What materials are available that you would recommend?

Post your recommendations in the COMMENTS section of this article or email Cindy Durham in the SNPA office: cindy@snpa.org.


What are the benefits of outsourcing newspaper ad specs design work? 12/17/14

By Mervin Jadhav, founder and creative director of BrandPlatter

The outsourcing of newspaper ad design to offshore companies has witnessed significant growth in recent times. Apart from cost benefits, there are several other reasons as to why outsourcing of newspaper ad design has emerged as a pragmatic idea, with enough proof to create a win-win for all stakeholders.


What's the key to boosting newspaper profitability? 12/9/14

By Matt Lindsay, president of Mather Economics

The key is to unlock the meaning behind the data so that strategies that generate revenue, lower costs, improve customer retention and enhance operational performance can be developed and implemented. Here's a way to meet that challenge inexpensively and efficiently.


Is your audience strategy informed by the right metrics? 11/3/14

By Tom Ratkovich, managing partner, Leap Media Solutions

This is the subject of much discussion and debate, but one dimension of strategy that is universal is time. A true strategy cannot achieve ambitious objectives in the short-term. A strategy is essentially a plan to bring about a desired future and, therefore, requires a long-term, sustained focus.

So why do so many audience marketers look at a short-term metric like cost per order (CPO) to determine whether or not their audience strategy is working?


Should I have my employees sign an arbitration agreement? 8/11/14

By Hagood Tighe, Fisher & Phillips

On a regular basis, I am asked whether companies should have their employees sign arbitration agreements. Generally, I am in favor of arbitration agreements. But, before deciding that arbitration agreements are for you and your business, there are some important considerations.


What's a mobile sales platform? 6/23/14

By Andrea Bergero, partner, i To Eye

When many publishers hear "mobile" they think "app." What's the difference? An app (or native application) is freestanding software that must be downloaded to the user's device. A mobile sales platform is a website designed to be quickly and easily viewed on any smart phone or tablet.


Can you share some benchmarking metrics? 5/29/14

Answered by Bob Terzotis, Mather Economics

An SNPA member asked: What is the circulation operating cost by percentage for newspapers size 20,000-25,000 in the mid-southern region? Is it 15% or higher? Or is it lower?


How do strategic alliances create value for customers? 4/30/14

By Steve Mattingly, senior vice president, Southern Lithoplate, Inc.

Strategic alliances can help manufacturers and suppliers serve their customers through guaranteed continuity and quality of supply. Alliances enable the partners to deploy labor and materials more effectively. In addition, Alliance partners are able to collaborate on bringing new production-enhancing technologies to the market.

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