Stigler Printing upgrades Harris Press with ProImage


ProImage has installed its NewsWay Press Register Software Solution at Stigler Printing. Since 1983, Stigler Printing has provided newspaper and commercial printing services to Native American Tribes across Indian Country.  

NewsWay Press Register enables printers to correct mis-registration on the printing press without the need to physically touch or modify the press. The company said older presses benefit from ProImage's Press Register as they can experience mechanical wear and tear that can cause mechanical misalignment, cylinder cocking and circumference inaccuracies. 

Reduction in waste by 30 percent
Even though Stigler Printing always maintained good registration, the company reports a reduction in waste by as much as 30 percent on its 34" web. Maximizing press time is a key concern for Stigler so being able to lower start-up waste and make ready, gives it the potential for adding more jobs into the production schedule. "We are pleased with the results and feel it was the right choice for Stigler Printing," states Linus Williams Jr., owner and president of Stigler Printing. 

Not only does NewsWay Press Register reduce paper waste resulting in time and cost savings, it also improves color reproduction and brings greater value to the customer. As for Stigler Printing, the company reports considerable time savings by achieving saved copies much quicker.

No need to touch the press
A key benefit is the fact that no physical interaction with the printing press or alteration is required. Press Register is reading the registration deviations on the printed media (for each color) and applies the corrections to the digital files which are to be exposed to the plate. This way, the registration correction process practically covers all possible errors starting from plate cut, exposing device, punch bender, plate gripping system and any other mechanical alignment on the press. 

The Press Register registration correction process is a two-step operation. First the registration errors are measured using a digital microscope then the digital file is modified before exposing to the film or plate.

Highly flexible
ProImage says Press Register can operate at any print site and can be incorporated into any workflow. It integrates into any modules of the ProImage NewsWay Production System to provide complete production automation from PDF to plate.

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