RJI Futures Lab update #75

Social platforms Yo and GoPop


PART 1: Micro messaging with Yo

Yo is a growing social platform that enables users to send out just the pre-set word "Yo" to their followers, along with a link or hashtag. We explore how some news organizations are already making use of the tool.
Reporting by Katie Mersmann.
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More information:
Several app developers have built on Yo's "zero-character communication" idea for similar apps, some serious and some parodies, as TechCrunch reports.

PART 2: Visual messaging with GoPop

GoPop is a social messaging platform where users combine pairs of image files to create unique visual messages that flow into a public message stream. We hear from co-founder Jesse Shapins about how the platform facilitates a different kind of interaction.
Reporting by Allison Prang.
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More information:
The team behind GoPop went from idea to product in five months as part of the media start-up accelerator Matter. The development and launch of the app is explained in detail here

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