ECRM and Southern Lithoplate announce new LifeXtender program


Citing the dilemma facing newspaper printers who need to replace their old, out-of-date CtP devices, yet have a freeze on capital spending, ECRM and Southern Lithoplate have partnered to provide a simple solution.

LifeXtender is a new program launched by ECRM and Southern Lithoplate. LifeXtender is for owners of popular, but aging ECRM CtP units that may not be quite as efficient as previously or simply are out of warranty. "We recognize newspapers have fewer resources to replace older units. That's why ECRM and SLP have collaborated on this great solution, LifeXtender," Joe Chevalier, president, ECRM said.

"Even the best performing machines like ours, eventually need some rejuvenation. With LifeXtender, we can get your ECRM NEWS, NEWSmatic 60, or NEWSmatic 250 CtP recertified so that it qualifies for a comprehensive parts warranty," Chevalier added.

The program incudes an operational assessment of currently operating ECRM NEWS, NEWSmatic 60 or NEWSmatic 250 CtP that is either nearing or currently out of warranty.

Gary Blakeley, Southern Lithoplate's director, global service and technical support, explains the procedure for recertification, "After the assessment, if parts are required to repair a machine, our team will install genuine ECRM OEM parts, billed at normal rates, and then test and confirm the machine is running to published specifications."

"ECRM then issues a device recertification, documenting the machine qualifies for a parts contract and warranty. You select the term of the warranty/parts contract that fits your needs at a very affordable monthly payment," Blakeley added.

Newspapers that have been taking advantage of the LifeXtender program acknowledge that their management is a lot more open to the managed expense of a parts warranty, because, for many operations, capital funding is not even an option. Having a recertified CtP whose life and performance can be extended two, three or more years is critical to news printing operations that simply cannot afford to have their prepress down for lack of parts or service.

Chevalier encourages ECRM owners to visit the LifeXtender website,, or contact him or Gary Blakeley at SLP for more information about "this exciting program that is giving older CtPs a new lease on life at a very modest cost and helping operations managers sleep better at night knowing they can depend on their prepress to be working every shift."

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