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Make sure your team stays in the loop


One drawback to great teamwork is that, because of the effort and time it takes to work well together, team members may become isolated from the rest of the organization.

To keep that from happening to your team, encourage members to answer these questions periodically:

  • Who in the organization needs to know about what we're doing?
  • What other work, by teams or individuals, do we need to be aware of?
  • What input do we need from other teams, groups or individuals to do the job well?
  • Do we need to coordinate our work with other teams in the organization?

Your team members may discover that they need to keep other managers or teams up to date on their activities and progress. Or they may need to ask questions to learn how others are approaching similar or related problems. Inviting key people to attend team meetings and assigning one teammate to seek input from people outside the team are two great ways to stay in the loop. 

Jules Ciotta is president of Motivation Communications Associates. He can be reached at (770) 457-4100 or



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