AI isn't taking journalists' jobs. It is making them smarter and more efficient


Utopian or dystopian? When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, how journalists view the technology, and how willing they are to delve into the many layers it can empower, is the secret sauce in creating a better workplace.

Five journalists from The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, WIRED, Dogtown Media and Graphika visited with more than 1,000 students across the Missouri School of Journalism, the Trulaske College of Business, the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Science, March 18-19, as part of the Reynolds Journalism Institute's Innovation Series.

The message they delivered? Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already transforming news operations in ways unimaginable even several months ago, much of it transformative and positive. Among the changes AI is helping implement: Customized content, improved reader/viewer/listener/user relationships, moderating and policing comment sections, and creating more efficient workflows.

Read about five takeaways from the event you need to know about AI in journalism

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