RJI Futures Lab update #53

Touchable video, sensor journalism and the mobile transition


PART 1: Cinematique
A platform called Cinematique is making it possible for viewers of mobile video to get information about things they see by touching the screen as a video plays. We learn how it works from co-founders Kyle Heller and Randy Ross.

PART 2: Sensor journalism
An emerging frontier in data journalism involves inexpensive sensors that can enable new kinds of storytelling by gathering information not tracked by anyone else. With a little help from the audience, things can get even more interesting. We hear about the possibilities from John Keefe of WNYC and Matt Waite of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

PART 3: Transitioning to mobile
As mobile devices increasingly become the technology of choice for consuming information, news organizations are once again having to adapt their focus to include another new medium with its own unique opportunities and constraints. We check in with a few newspaper organizations to see how they are making the transition.

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