RJI Futures Lab update #57

Social participation TV via Wayin, Excitem and iPowow


PART 1: Wayin
Denver-based startup Wayin has created a system to help newsrooms make sense of the mass of Twitter posts around a specific topic and to integrate that social media conversation into a live TV broadcast. Tim Glomb, vice president for media and entertainment at Wayin, shows us how the technology navigates the social stream.

PART 2: Excitem
Gathering audience feedback during a live show can be difficult with an audience that uses a variety of social commenting platforms. Excitem is a behind-the-scenes tool for assembling responses to on-air questions via Facebook, Twitter and old-fashioned text message. We hear how it works from Belal Hummad, co-founder and chief executive officer.

PART 3: iPowow
Another approach to audience response is to make it more game-like. The system created by iPowow enables broadcasters to embed multiple types of questions into a mobile app or website, with the responses tallied up in real time directly on air via the newsroom's onscreen graphics system. Colin Hornett, executive producer at iPowow, gives us a demonstration.

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