RJI Futures Lab update #49

Single-topic apps, a new revenue idea and a union of arts and civic problem solving


PART 1: Special-topic apps at The Denver Post
The Denver Post is one of many newsrooms that has sought to increase its mobile audience by creating a portfolio of single-topic apps relevant to its unique locale and expertise. We visit Damon Cain, managing editor for presentation and design, to learn about what went into the apps and what the Post got out of them.

PART 2: A new revenue stream at GeekWire
GeekWire is one of many online news sites that generate part of their income in nontraditional ways, such as events and sponsorships. Now the tech-reporting site has added another revenue strategy: health insurance. Co-Founder John Cook explains how GeekWire formed a partnership to provide insurance plans for small startups.

PART 3: The Civic Artist project at Crosscut
Seattle-based nonprofit news site Crosscut is launching an initiative to cover arts and culture that includes a community engagement twist. The project will enlist artists to dream up solutions for ongoing problems in the city. We visit Crosscut's office and learn how the project will work.

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