RJI Futures Lab update #66

Public radio via Internet devices


PART 1: Ideas from PRX and PRI

The growing demand for audio content delivered online and via smartphones brings both challenges and opportunities for traditional radio producers. Representatives from Public Radio Exchange (PRX) and Public Radio International (PRI) explain some of the ways they are delivering audio across multiple platforms.

PART 2: Making audio go viral

Having a piece of audio get passed along – or, ideally, go viral – is particularly uncommon compared with text, photos, videos, animated GIFs or practically anything else. So, what might be done to change that?

PART 3: Radiotopia

PRX launched its Radiotopia network earlier this year with the goal of growing independent audio programs specifically in the form of podcasts, rather than via traditional radio channels. Leaders from PRX explain Radiotopia's approach and how it taps into the power of online networks.

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