RJI Futures Lab update #38

Newsroom architecture, online pay models and audience connection


In this week's Futures Lab update, the Reynolds Journalism Institute explores how newsroom design might affect coverage, how to connect stories with their proper audience and how The New York Times made its pay model work.

PART 1: Collaborative newsroom layouts

Many traditional newsrooms have changed their physical space to meet the demands of delivering news online. Editors at The Associated Press and the BBC explain how the right geography inside a newsroom might improve news coverage.

PART 2: Lessons from The New York Times pay model

By going against prevailing norms and limiting free access on its website in March 2011, The New York Times played a big role in getting the general public to pay for news content online. Hear from The New York Times Company Vice Chairman Michael Golden and former Executive Director of Cross-Platform Monetization Tim Griggs about how they did it and what they learned about turning readers into subscribers.

PART 3: Connecting with the right audiences

Elizabeth Osder is a digital pioneer and consultant who has helped steer online strategy and products for global news brands like The New York Times, The Financial Times, Yahoo and others. In this sit-down interview she says digital success requires connecting individual pieces of content with specific interested audiences.

Watch the RJI Futures Lab video update here.


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