2018 Mega-Conference

Defining your subscription strategy

Aaron Kotarek, Brian Howell, Curtis Huber and Troy Niday
Aaron Kotarek, Brian Howell, Curtis Huber and Troy Niday

Four newspaper industry thought leaders will discuss successful and proven subscription revenue growth strategies and case studies from their respective organizations at the Mega-Conference, Feb. 26-28 in San Diego.

With subscription revenues becoming a greater piece of the revenue portfolio, and with many companies transitioning to a consumer revenue-driven business model, this is a can't miss session.

Presenters will be:

  • Aaron Kotarek, vice president, circulation, Oahu Publications
  • Brian Howell, director of consumer revenue optimization, tronc
  • Curtis Huber, director of circulation sales and marketing, The Seattle Times
  • Troy Niday, chief operations officer, Sonoma Media Investments

This thought-proving session will detail:

  • The volume versus value proposition
  • Proven econometric pricing models
  • Utilizing data and analytics to make sound pricing decisions
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) scoring and implementation
  • Incentive-based churn and payment deviation initiatives
  • Profitable multi-channel acquisition and loyalty programs
  • Analyzing your subscribers' payment path
  • Leveraging data analysis to improve retention optimization

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