RJI Futures Lab update #59

Lingospot, XAPP Ads and Tomorrowish


PART 1: Lingospot
Technology from Lingospot can automatically find and serve up additional information to a mobile device related to what is being discussed on a nearby television, extending the possibilities for the second-screen experience. We get a demonstration of the system from co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Nikos Iatropoulos.

National Public Radio has begun experimenting with interactive audio messages that can prompt and respond to voice commands from someone listening to the audio stream via a mobile app. NPR Sponsorship Products Manager Erica Osher and XAPPmedia co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Pat Higbie explain this new way for listeners to act on what they hear.

PART 3: Tomorrowish
Social media posts generally appear chronologically, making it difficult for viewers of a program that airs at different times to see all the online reaction to that show in the right order. Tomorrowish seeks to solve that by filtering and reassembling the social media conversation connected to a given show or news story. We hear about the thinking behind this "social media DVR" from founder and Chief Executive Officer Mick Darling.

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