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Lesson in leadership


There is a misconception about what leadership is and what it takes to be an effective leader today. Oftentimes a member of top management can relate success to bottom-line results, not realizing that without commitment to the dignity of each employee this success is usually short lived.

The essence of leadership is character. The essence of character includes integrity, passion, curiosity, vision, daring and energy, without which a leader doesn't know what he/she wants to do or where he/she wants to go. Today's leaders need to put ego aside, roll up their sleeves, and be articulate, energetic and empowering.

Managers are interested in efficiency, both day-to-day and short-run. Managers can be so task-directed that people skills suffer. There's need for more than absolute power to win respect and followers.

Managers administer while leaders innovate; managers rely on control while leaders inspire trust; and managers have their eyes on the bottom line while leaders have their eyes on the horizon.

In the ever-changing environment we work in, it is vitally important for the workers to feel valued and for leaders to inspire and energize them, to nurture their creativity, and to encourage them to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

People who work for real leaders love to go to work for work is fun. 

Jules Ciotta is president of Motivation Communications Associates. He can be reached at (770) 457-4100 or



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