Sun Coast Media Group offers disaster relief program for community


Sun Coast Media Group, the parent company of Sun Newspapers, has announced a million dollar disaster relief program for local businesses. For any business closed due to storm damage beyond Monday, Sept. 18, Sun Coast Media Group is offering a "Get Back on Your Feet Program."

Publisher Glen Nickerson, said: "For every day the business is out beyond the first week due to storm damage, Sun Coast Media is offering $200 a day of free advertising in Sun Coast Media Group newspapers. The program will offer advertising in our newspapers up to a value of $5,000 per business with a grand total limit of $1,000,000."

He said, "This is for any business whether they had previously advertised with a Sun Coast Media newspaper or not but cannot be used to pay for prior advertising. To qualify, the business must be a commercially zoned storefront, office or building that is open to the public. Must be located in the county of this newspaper."

Sun Coast Media Group is a family- and employee-owned business whose shareholders live in and work in the communities they serve. David Dunn-Rankin, CEO of Sun Coast Media Group, said: "Our mission is to support the local business community. The corner store is the cornerstone of any great community and we need to get back in business."


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