All Island Media is staying on top of lead generation with Brainworks' data mining feature


"Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, you go and change the programming to now return a max of 50 potentially new customers within a ZIP code and SIC Code." - Debbie Rumford, AIM

Brainworks AR Support Manager Phil Giarraputo recently updated the company's client mapping feature and All Island Media is already reaping the benefits.

Giarraputo explained, "A little over a month ago, I had updated the client mapping feature in A/R to return 50 matches from YELP integration (it defaults to 20 unless you override it with the API) based on a client mapping report on SIC code and ZIP code or any search criteria you setup via client data mining. At that point, Debbie (Rumford) and some others on her management team began using the results that are automatically imported to Excel as lead lists.  They have been using those lead lists to start to create new business in new and existing zones (ZIP codes)."

Debbie Rumford from All Island Media shared: "I personally love the information that comes out of client data mining mapping and the reps that I personally introduced to the program gave positive feedback.  Through set parameters (ZIP code and SIC code) the program compares our database to Yelp and generates a listing of existing accounts and potential customers that are not currently in our database. The potential prospects on that list are pinned on the map and show a phone number for a call list. Bonus is, it exports the new prospect list into Excel where I can forward to a sales associate or manager!"

Michelle Ackerman, Brainworks CRM product manager, said: "While Debbie's title says she works in finance, she is much more than that. She is a sales and CRM champion. Debbie is always looking for ways to help the sales team and grow revenue. She utilizes the Brainworks reporting tools and CRM tools to produce lead lists for the reps in their territories/ZIP codes."



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