SNPA-Inland Annual Meeting

Inaugural Annual Meeting of your new association kicks off Sunday


While there will be plenty of "new" announced over the coming weeks, the inaugural Annual Meeting of your new association will kick off on Sunday afternoon with some things that will never change: our commitment to preserving the networking, camaraderie and idea-sharing that are hallmarks of both SNPA and Inland. 

Your program planning committee has put together an agenda that tackles the industry's toughest challenges – everything from the campaign for fair revenue arrangements with the digital giants ... to newsroom strategies ... to the recruitment of sales reps ... to single-copy sales and keeping public notices in the paper.  We'll look at newspaper valuations, email marketing, digital subscriptions, funding journalism, what came out of the Digital Subscriptions Lab and more.

We've even added a few additional presenters in the last week, all designed to equip your newspaper's leadership with the knowledge and industry connections that are so necessary today.

It's not too late to register!  We hope to see you this weekend in Chicago to celebrate the merger of SNPA and Inland.  We'll be announcing the name of the new merged association during the Sunday evening Welcome Reception!

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