50 Ways to Make Media Pay


From ecommerce to affiliate partnerships, programmatic to native ads, paywalls to micropayments, exhibitions to cruises, a free report from What's New in Publishing aims to spark new revenue ideas as well as reaffirm existing publisher strategies.

The report, "50 Ways to Make Media Pay," was written by University of Oregon professor Damian Radcliffe. It is divided into six chapters – the main revenue drivers for publishers: paywalls, subscriptions, advertising, ad-free models, events and ecommerce.

Radcliffe said: "Our hope in sharing these examples with you, is to offer
insights which can spark new ideas and reaffirm old ones. Whatever the size of your publication, diversifying your revenue base is likely to be a strategic priority in the years ahead.

"As a result, key questions all publishers will need to consider include: your ability to deliver – particularly the resources (human, and technical) that are required – and whether these efforts enable you to reach new audiences, or if they potentially help you to double-down on existing super-users."

Download the report here


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