Kid Scoop team wins international education award 10/30/18

A project created by the Kid Scoop creative team for the United States Golf Association Museum won a 2018 ISHY for excellence in educational programming.


Librarian links newspapers, Rotary and schools 7/17/18

Cathy Farley, a Rotarian and a librarian in Sparta, Tenn., convinced her local newspaper to run Kid Scoop to build a local literacy program to get kids excited about reading.

It's working, and she's onto something big. She formed a partnership between the local newspaper, Rotary Club, public library, and the school system.

Read more from Vicki Whiting at Kid Scoop


Newspapers, Rotary Clubs can be powerful partners, Whiting says 6/9/17

"Rotary Clubs and community newspapers are powerful partners," says Vicki Whiting of Kid Scoop. "Rotarians are newspaper readers. Both newspapers and Rotarians believe in the importance of reading and being informed. For Rotarians, the partnership impacts education and lets them share with kids their own love of reading and community."

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