Court overturns FCC changes in media-ownership rules 9/24/19

A federal appeals court threw out changes to media ownership rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 2017, saying the agency should have looked more closely at potential impacts on minority ownership.

In its ruling Monday, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it agreed with public-interest groups that “the Commission did not adequately consider the effect its sweeping rule changes will have on ownership of broadcast media by women and racial minorities.”

The Philadelphia-based court said it would vacate and remand “the bulk of” the FCC’s actions over the last three years for further consideration by the agency.


FCC retains media cross-ownership rules 8/16/16

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to keep in place its rules that prohibit media companies from owning newspapers and TV or radio stations in the same market, rejecting lobbying from the newspaper industry, that argues the limits are outdated.

In 1975, the FCC, seeking to ensure diversity of voices and opinion in local media, passed the current cross-ownership rules. The FCC reviews the rules every four years, and media companies have fought for years to change or relax them to pursue business diversification. Media companies argue that the rules are no longer effective given that consumers now have a multitude of news options in the digital era. The FCC voted Wednesday to keep the rules.

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