NexGen Business Models: Finding Success Amid Today's Challenges 12/7/17

The entrepreneurs of media today will discuss the NexGen Business Models for Media at the 2018 Mega-Conference, set for Feb. 26-28 in San Diego. During this session, learn how they have answered the challenge of making money in today's media landscape.

Panelists will be:

  • Evan Smith, CEO, The Texas Tribune, Austin, Texas
  • Jim Brady, founder and CEO, Spirited Media, Great Falls, Va.
  • Sara Fischer, media reporter, Axios, Arlington, Va.

"It's a myth," Smith said, "that nonprofit news orgs can't be sustainable – we've proved that it's possible not only to survive but thrive for eight years-plus. A diverse set of revenue streams – a mix of major and member giving, foundation support, corporate underwriting, events sponsorship and earned income – funds our award-winning accountability journalism and allows us to maintain the largest newsroom covering a state capitol in the country. This model is a winner for us and can be scaled up or down to succeed elsewhere. I'm eager to tell all."

"If recent times have taught us anything," says Brady, "it's that media cannot make it on advertising alone, and that finding diverse revenue streams is necessary for survival. Hopefully, those of us on this panel can give some actionable information for those looking to expand into events, memberships and subscriptions."

Fischer will deliver a deep dive into the evolving trends reshaping the digital media – covering new media technology, industry IPOs and acquisitions, emerging user behaviors and the policy fault lines in between. Aside from her weekly newsletter, Fischer gives customized presentations about trends shaping the media landscape for an array of audiences that include corporate executives, Wall Street analysts, foreign policy professionals and journalists.

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