2019 Mega-Conference

Bonus session delves into audience and subscriber management

Monday morning at the Mega-Conference


Newspaper executives who have responsibility for audience and subscriber management will find great benefit in arriving early enough at the Mega-Conference to attend a Monday morning bonus session that will take a hard look at audience engagement.

This session will run from 8:30 a.m. to Noon on Monday, Feb. 25.

Topics will include:

  • Customer experience, retention and insight
  • How content engagement and dynamic user experiences can drastically grow consumer revenue
  • Facebook analytics
  • CrowdTangle for publishers

Customer Experience, Retention and Insight

In a subscription-based industry where active engagement is critical and even minor downtime can cause major drops in engagement, reliable and responsive communication systems can define success. Are you wondering how to take customer engagement to the next level? Learn how Lee Enterprises did just that.

Tony Ort, developer/protector of media relationships, TCN Inc., will be the presenter for this segment on the program.

He said, "TCN is the web-based IVR, call center management system, automated dialing and emailing tool that hundreds of newspapers and call centers use to save money and boost productivity. With the TCN solution, you can consolidate multiple systems to accomplish many audience communication services for just pennies per interaction."

How Content Engagement and Dynamic User Experiences Can Drastically Grow Consumer Revenue

TownNews' iQ program assists local media companies of any size with leveraging first-party data to enhance engagement, improve user experience and drive revenue across digital properties. Its first media customer using this new iQ program has quadrupled the number of subscribers logging into its site each month, with more than one-third of the subscribers logging in for the improved user experience and not premium content.

Hear about best practices and the dos and don'ts of a successful engagement program from Mark Sanders, director of customer development with Lotame, and Tim Turner, content program manager with TownNews.

Sanders says, "You have something that your competitors would kill for: your first-party data. Understanding where the untapped value is – to reach and grow valuable audiences for direct, programmatic or direct-to-consumer revenue – is just the start. Learn how to better leverage this asset and target at scale, and on a one-to-one basis."

Turner added: "At TownNews, we've proven that data-backed engagement practices can make a tangible impact on your revenue and audience growth. Taking the next big leap requires a laser-focus on key audience engagement metrics – frequency, recency and volume – and gearing your decision-making to those metrics. This session will teach you how to create a program that drives those numbers."

Facebook analytics

In this hands-on training session, you'll learn how Facebook Analytics can be used to optimize your subscription conversion funnel across mobile, apps and Facebook. 

This session will be presented by Kenny Curry, who is part of Facebook's News Partnerships team, focusing specifically on subscriptions and measurement products. As part of the Facebook Journalism Project, the Partnerships Team is helping news publishers cultivate meaningful relationships with their readers and the communities they serve. Before joining the News Partnerships team, Curry worked on Facebook's Instant Articles product team during its public launch in 2016.

CrowdTangle for publishers

In another hands-on training session, you'll learn how CrowdTangle can be used to drive both editorial and business decisions.  Beginners and CrowdTangle power users will each come away from this training with ideas that will grow digital strategy in 2019.

Our presenters will be:

  • Samantha Bennet, Local News Partnerships team, Facebook
  • Amber Burgess, Local News Partnerships team, Facebook

Both are responsible for CrowdTangle's relationships with local publishers. As part of the Facebook Journalism Project, CrowdTangle is helping local newsrooms discover local stories on social, measure performance, understand social audiences and drive revenue.

Before joining Facebook, Bennet spent five years at CBS Local as the social strategy and audience development manager. She was responsible for working with each of CBS's owned and operated local TV stations to develop strategy, implement best social practices and train newsrooms on new products and initiatives.

Burgess previously spent six years as the digital audience manager at the Tampa Bay Times. While at the Times, she was responsible for digital audience engagement and monetization. She also directed the social media strategy across news, marketing and advertising.

A separate Monday morning bonus session will focus on selling and managing sales people.

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