Sign petition to ITC to oppose newsprint tariffs


There is a fight underway in Washington D.C. to save jobs in the printing, book publishing and news industries. And, we need your help!

SNPA and its partners in the STOPP coalition are fighting against newsprint tariffs on Canadian newsprint that are supported by a single newsprint mill, NORPAC, which is owned by a New York equity fund,

This tax on newsprint is increasing paper costs by roughly 30 percent and threatens tens of thousands of jobs, and the distribution of news and information.

What you can do:

  1. Sign our petition here:
  2. Email five individuals – family, friends, neighbors, etc. – with a note asking each to get involved to protect jobs in our community and the printing, publishing and newsprint industries.
  3. Follow STOPP on Twitter and Facebook. Share information with your friends and family to help spread the news about this tax overreach, using this hashtag #StoptheNewsprintTax across social channels.
Here are ads that can be run on your newspaper's website and in print editions to promote this to your readers:
Thank you for your help in protecting jobs in the printing, publishing and paper industries. 
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