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Get paid for your digital content!


Square co-founder Jim McKelvey talked at the SNPA-Inland Convention about a groundbreaking way to pay publishers for digital content.  This is a time-sensitive opportunity that all publishers should seriously consider.

McKelvey is building a system designed to create a new, sustainable revenue stream for digital publishers – a system that will cut out the middlemen in order to let digital revenue flow directly to us. He has devised a frictionless way for consumers to pay publishers directly for every page view, one that is decidedly not a paywall, nor is it a micropayment system in the way that you're probably accustomed to thinking about them.

This new project, called Invisibly, is gaining momentum, thanks to a completely risk-free launch partner program that offers 100 percent of revenue, forever, to those who signal their interest now. Dozens of our member publishers have signed on, including my company, McClatchy, Sandusky, Pioneer, BH Media, Seattle Times, Lee Enterprises and more.

The preferred Revenue Share Agreement will be phased out in the very near future.

I would urge you to immediately schedule an appointment with a member of their team to learn more and preserve your option to use the system for free. You can get in touch via email ( or Book a meeting with Invisibly here.


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