GIADC partners with Presteligence for editorial layout


Presteligence has announced that Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center will use My News 360 CMS, Adobe InDesign integration tools, and STATUS to design pages for its commercial clients beginning this month.

GIADC's clients will write and post content in the My News 360 CMS. The cloud-based CMS allows users to access the system from any device with a web browser to write stories, upload photos and upload ads. This content is made available as an RSS feed for clients' websites or other third parties to ingest.

Once stories are edited and moved to the ready for print folder, content becomes available for the designers to place on pages using the Adobe InDesign integration tools. Through this web-based palette, stories and associated elements are formatted through a folder structure where designers drag and drop items to a page. If for any reason, the designers make modifications, emails are automatically generated to the writers and/or editors. Once placed, content is saved back to the database as the print version. The extension auto-populates ads assigned to the page (manually or from a layout file) as well as replaces the folio tokens with the correct values based on the publication name and date.

Through STATUS, a cloud-based page tracking portal, internal and external users can see a status of overall page production. The system processes third-party ad layout feed to plan the product or schedules are manually created for those clients without a pagination system. By opening the Adobe InDesign file from STATUS, changes are saved to the cloud. Designers will place a page on hold if they need clarification from the client or mark the page as proof out. Both status changes notify the client via email. Clients markup pages and accept or reject pages when they are waiting for review. Once approved pages can be downloaded directly from the site or FTP'd to Gannett's NewsXtreme Workflow Portal for prepress print production.

Access to the programs is permission-based on the publication(s) managed, as well as responsibilities of the users.

GIADC will also have the opportunity to upsell components of My News 360 to clients, like the website, mobile apps and e-edition.


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