Get ready for college basketball with ready-to-use paginated conference pages


College basketball is right around the corner. Is your newspaper ready? Conference coverage planned? New ad revenue booked?

Check out the conference-focused weekly preview pages offered by the Center for News and Design to give your coverage and sales effort great support all season long. 

Each week GateHouse Media's sports experts at the Center for News and Design will provide a ready-to-use preview page, highlighting the biggest story of the week, and including facts, info and essential data on each conference member.

And there is a 6x3 ad position along the bottom that is a quick sell for the advertising team.

The first pages will be delivered Thursday, Nov. 9, previewing the conference season. They are available based on conference affiliation or preference. Pages continue through March Madness, all the way up to the national championship game. 

After the first week, all pages will be available Wednesday afternoons.

The lineup includes pages for SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and ACC. 

All pages come as PDFs; design and art files also can be supplied. 

In addition to college basketball, they also provide ready-to-use agate pages, baseball pages and NFL preview and summary pages. 

Message to get the details. 


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