Mega-Conference, Feb. 24-26

Programmatic Buying: pros and cons of automated sales


Programmatic buying – also known as RTB (real time bidding) or ad exchanges – is changing the way online publishers do business as these automated exchanges have been embraced by big advertisers as their preferred method of buying display advertising.

But is putting inventory on auction-based exchanges really the best way for newspapers to maximize their digital revenue, or is programmatic buying simply driving down the price of advertising and cutting out the publisher?

During a Tuesday morning break-out session on Feb. 25, Randy Bennett, president of Bennett Media Solutions, and Samuel Metcalf, manager of digital yield at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, will explain the pros and cons of programmatic buying, and the strategies behind successfully optimizing all online ad inventory.

Bennett encourages newspaper and advertising executives to choose this session to attend on Tuesday morning, saying: "There are many pros and cons to programmatic buying but, regardless, many advertisers are embracing it so newspapers need to develop a strategy that provides the greatest return for their business." 

Metcalf echoed the importance of this issue, saying: "Publishers refusing to enter the programmatic (RTB) space are comparable to those who were adamant the world was flat. That is how monumental of a mistake it is to continue sitting on the side lines."

About our presenters:

Randy Bennett is a leading media and technology expert with more than 30 years in emerging media.  He most recently was senior vice president of business development at the Newspaper Association of America where he helped newspapers understand and leverage emerging business opportunities.  Previously, he directed content development initiatives at America Online during its start-up phase.

Samuel Metcalf has been in digital marketing since 2007, graduating with a marketing and business management degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Beginning his career with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2011, then as a digital market analyst, Metcalf worked with various digital partnerships, each helping to drive non-direct revenue.

Realizing early on that programmatic media was the future, Metcalf selected and implemented programmatic display partnerships at the Journal Sentinel and quickly saw increased opportunity in this space. After assuming the role of "manager, digital yield," Metcalf became responsible for managing all non-direct revenue partnerships, the largest of which remains programmatic (RTB) display trading. Throughout his tenure, non-direct revenue has increased in excess of 200 percent, and continues to climb. Today, Metcalf is at the forefront for all new digital initiatives.

This segment of the program is one of 15 break-out sessions that Mega-Conference attendees will have to choose from over the course of the conference.  The program will include a combination of general session programs and concurrent workshops, designed to let attendees choose those sessions that most fit their needs.


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