Mega-Conference, Feb. 24-26

Content Marketing: Fun and profit beyond the advertorial box

Terry Heaton
Terry Heaton

Terry Heaton, president of Reinvent21, will address a general session audience during the Key Executives Mega-Conference with a look at "Content Marketing: Fun and Profit Beyond the Advertorial Box."

"In order to properly fit ourselves into the network, we must remove industrial age thinking from our business minds," Heaton says.  "If we can do that, we are able to see content marketing in a different light. It's really the people – formerly known as the advertisers – functioning like media companies themselves. How do we fit in that context, and more importantly, how do we make money (not increase revenue) in so doing?"

In a Dec. 3, 2013, blog written about fears that native advertising is "inherently evil, because eventually, web surfers (a.k.a. 'users' a.k.a. 'people') won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s content and what’s advertising." Heaton wrote:

"This reasoning sounds familiar, and, well, reasonable. It's logical. It makes sense. But hidden within its thinking is a leftover remnant from an archaic cultural bias – that "the masses" are incapable of self care, including the ability to avoid hucksters and con artists without help from those with superior minds and positions."  (read his blog)

About our presenter:

Terry Heaton is president of Reinvent21, a consulting company specializing in business reinvention for the 21st Century. He's an internationally-recognized creative expert on all things Web-related, especially as they relate to local media, and is widely seen as a visionary, an iconoclast and an authority on doing business via the World Wide Web.

He is the author of "Reinventing Local Media," Volumes I & II and of the acclaimed series of essays "Local Media in a Postmodern World," which is published in many languages worldwide, and he writes the popular "Pomo Blog." He is a sought-after speaker on college campuses and at media conferences, and he's the author of three other books.

He coined the term "unbundled media" to describe not only what's happening to and with all forms of media but also as a strategy to move mainstream media to the Web. He created definitions and descriptions of Media 2.0 that are now widely used by media observers everywhere, including "We are not in the content business; we're in the advertising business." His characterization of real-time streams of news and information in 2005 as "continuous news" leads the revolution in the online display of news as a stream. His current passion is to help media discover a replacement for advertising that interrupts or accompanies news content.

He retired from television news management in 1998 to concentrate on the Internet. He is a 28-year veteran of television news and was a news director in six different markets.

Heaton lives with his computer and his dog in Frisco, Texas.

The Mega-Conference will include a combination of general session programs and concurrent workshops, designed to let attendees choose those sessions that most fit their needs.


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