12 cheers for new revenue ideas! 8/26/19

During one of the idea-packed P2P video conference calls last year, The Roanoke Times shared a holiday promotion called "12Cheers!" It was a contest designed for restaurants to showcase their best cocktails during the holidays – along the lines of the 12 Days of Christmas.

On Sept. 26, SNPA will host a free conference call that will be completely focused on holiday sales revenue. Share one idea for a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Christmas or other holiday promotion and get the complete collection of ideas at no cost. Get some great new ideas on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 2 p.m. (EDT).

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P2P Video Conference: Holiday Sales Planning 8/20/19

The 4th Quarter is right around the corner and we are heading into one of the most important and most profitable seasons of the year.

The September SNPA P2P (Publisher-to-Publisher) video conference call will help you get ahead of your holiday sales planning. Simply share a successful sales initiative, product, contest or other idea and get more proven ideas in return! We are looking for your best ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and other 4th quarter sales plans.

This P2P session will occur on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 2 p.m. (EDT).

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Who works best in a revenue development role? Here's what these local news organizations have found 8/19/19

Folks, it happened: The key to sustainable local news has been discovered. And it involves making money.

Spoiler alert: It's all about making money, and that takes having people whose job descriptions are specifically devoted to that task – along with tying the money-generating to the journalistic mission. And okay, maybe they haven't found the key: "No organization we spoke to claimed to have found the solution to revenue generation, but each had useful lessons for other civic news organizations at different levels of maturity."

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5 ideas for digital subscriber acquisition 8/19/19

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street

Does your digital subscription strategy focus on getting new subscribers AND keeping them engaged with your brand?


Buy it from the newspaper 8/13/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

Newspaper companies know how to sell subscriptions and ads, but they don't necessarily think about selling their own merchandise. Go online to The Post and Courier store in Charleston, S.C., and you'll find all sorts of items that make money.


Teacher contest impacts community, drives $9K annual revenue 8/5/19

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street

The Holland Sentinel is a paper out of Holland, Mich., with circulation of about 12,500. In the second year of its Amazing Teachers contest, the paper's team wanted to improve on an already successful campaign – Amazing Teachers. The goal of the contest was to create goodwill within the community, grow the email database, and drive sponsorship revenue month after month.


Reward teachers, raise revenue 7/30/19

By Jane Nicholes, SNPA Correspondent

For a newspaper that routinely writes stories about teachers and emphasizes education coverage, creating an Amazing Teachers recognition program was an extension of that commitment.

"There were good synergies in what we could do on the newsroom side and what we could do on the advertising side," said Orestes Baez, president and publisher of Holland Media Group and The Holland Sentinel in Michigan.

The program in its first two years has been successful enough that this year it will be expanded to nine other GateHouse Media newspaper properties in Michigan. The program allows the public to nominate outstanding teachers and a committee created within the company selects the winners, eight this year in Holland.


Newspapers find creative and imaginative pathways to discover new revenue 7/9/19

In May, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet spoke before the INMA World Congress of News Media audience and shared his dismal prediction concerning the future of journalism-that most local newspapers were going to die in the next five years.

"The greatest crisis in American journalism is the death of local news," he said. "Their economic model is gone."

It's true that the traditional economic model may be gone, but many local and national newspapers are using their ambition and creativity to explore new and exciting business models with hopes that it will create sustainable revenue for many years to come.

E&P spoke with several of these newsrooms to discuss their clever ideas.

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Recurring revenue from multi-month campaigns 6/17/19

By Matt Coen, president and co-founder, Second Street

These shareable campaigns drive big revenue and bigger engagement month after month.


A revenue reminder to start the summer 6/11/19

By Ebony Reed, director of innovation and the RJI Futures Lab

This summer, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute's Innovation in Focus web series will take a look at the startup and growing pains of a handful of news organizations' new efforts to raise revenue. Those efforts range from membership models and retooling ownership to new ventures and crowdfunding efforts. The Innovation in Focus summer revenue series starts later this month.

Before we launch into best practices, challenges and takeaways from these organizations in the coming weeks, it seems like now would be a good time to set the table to review some of the more standard revenue models that are already part of many organizations' multi-revenue stream portfolio.

These standard models in journalism are part of eight common revenue models, often taught in university business schools as ways to generate revenue. Paying attention to how they work, separately and together, has become an important skill for journalism as the industry continues to retool, redesign and seek ways to grow revenue strategies.