Industry Insight: Why newsroom metrics should have an expiration date 4/18/19

You get what you measure.

Count the number of bylines a newspaper reporter produces, and you'll likely get more bylines. Track page views closely, and your newsroom will be far more attune to what is driving page views and how to get more of them.

What a news organization includes in the set of metrics that leadership and staff monitor regularly can have some unintended consequences. Distraction from things that are more important, if nothing else. Google Analytics can measure a lot of different things, and there's a temptation to include as many ways of measuring audience as one can cram into a spreadsheet. In the process, staff can get hung up on measuring changes in process instead of changes in outcomes.

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How to use analytics to identify and build a popular new beat 4/2/19

Here's an idea to steal and adapt: The Virginian-Pilot used data to find a new beat topic to reach new audiences. Now, the beat is consistently one of the highest-performing in the newsroom.


4 things to know about GateHouse Media's Choose Your Own Adventure audience growth tool 8/14/18

By Summer Moore, editor of de/space, GateHouse Media's innovation team based in Austin, Texas
By Summer Moore, editor of de/space, GateHouse Media's innovation team based in Austin, Texas

Like everyone in the industry, we at GateHouse Media have been working on training tools for our newsrooms to analyze their traffic and improve it in a meaningful way.

After some brainstorming and some discussions with newsrooms, we kept getting stuck on the same things that we always struggle with: How do we provide something useful, that's fun and engaging?

We kept coming back to those Choose Your Own Adventure books we read as kids. Those were so engaging because you had to keep reading to find out what happened based on what you wanted the characters to do.

In that vein, we developed Choose Your Path, an interactive tool for our newsrooms to capitalize on strong traffic days and improve when it's slow.

Here are four things you should know about our new tool.

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What are your newsletter analytics trying to tell you? Are you listening? 2/21/17

By Tamara Power-Drutis and Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

Your newsletter subscribers are trying to tell you something, but are you tracking the right metrics to hear them?


Learning from readership surveys 8/4/14

By Jane Nicholes

As this readership series concludes, we look at common results that publishers have found and the importance of planning before you embark on a study.


Affordable readership research 6/24/14

By Jane Nicholes

Over the next few weeks, SNPA will look at ways newspapers can conduct valuable readership surveys that enhance credibility and generate revenue, without it requiring a large expenditure.


Marketing - Analytics - Insights applies for membership 6/3/14

Through a service called Research Director on Demand, Ted Stasney's firm offers full market and media research services.


Picking the right analytics tool 7/2/13

Determining the answer to these three questions will help you choose the right web analytic tools for your business.


How can I demonstrate the power of online advertising? 7/2/13

By Allan Barmak, consultant and author of "The Accidental Salesperson"

Regardless of what a business' specific goals are, when they advertise on the Web they are looking for accountability. Your salespeople should be working with advertisers to optimize the metrics that are most important to each specific business.