FREE FOR PUBLISHERS: Video Conference on Creating a Digital Agency 8/7/18

SNPA will host a free video conference on "Creating a Digital Agency" on Thursday, Sept. 20.

SNPA's monthly P2P programs are free for SNPA members, but participants must sign up in advance.


Free video conference on sales force organization to be held May 17 5/1/18

SNPA is hosting a free video conference on "Organizing Your Sales Force" from 2-3 p.m. (EDT) on Thursday, May 17. In just one hour, you will talk with your counterparts at other newspapers and compare your sales organization to others in the industry. This is a conversation every publisher needs to hear.

SNPA "P2P" (Publisher-to-Publisher) programs are free for SNPA members that submit ideas that add to the conversation. And, if you join the call, you will receive all of the input from all of the other participating newspapers.


NEW FOR PUBLISHERS: Network with peers without leaving your office 2/5/18

SNPA is launching a new series of free "P2P" video conferences for publishers that will help publishers grow revenue and sharpen their management skills.